• Inscriptions on the Bitcoin network are a type of application similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
• The size of the Bitcoin blockchain has increased significantly due to these Inscriptions, mainly from images.
• Audio and video types have the largest average size, but contribute the least to the total data footprint due to their lower frequency.

What Are Inscriptions?

Inscriptions are a new application of BTC blockchain similar to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), but not exactly the same. Unlike NFTs on other blockchains like Ethereum, these Inscriptions are directly inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain (hence the name). They can be data, images, audio, video or even software.

Impact On The Blocksize

The emergence of this new BTC application has significantly impacted the Bitcoin network; it has caused blocksize nearly pushed to its limit. According to an on-chain analytics firm Glassnode report, since 15 December 2022 when they first appeared, Inscription transactions have increased by 1.74GB in terms of total size contributed by them – which is around 0.4% compared with 444GB total size of Bitcoin blockchain.

Types Of Insciptions

Most of this rise in block size comes from image inscriptions which is no surprise considering that they are most popular type around – accounting for 93.3% of all data footprint in total. Text inscriptions follows as second best contributing 4.59%. Audio, video and other inscriptions have had a tiny data footprint compared to others when it comes to contribution in terms of block size increase – currently only 4.2% of all transactions on network belong to them despite their larger average sizes than any other type mentioned above.

Future Implications

The debate about future implications over usage of Inscriptions continues among community members as there could be potential drawbacks for using larger blocksizes including higher storage requirements and transaction fees for miners etc. However benefits may include faster processing times and greater scalability for users who need more complex applications such as financial services companies built upon cryptocurrency technology platforms .


In conclusion, although small in terms of overall impact upon blocksize today – further development and adoption may lead toward larger impacts if usage continues growing at current rate or even accelerates further given its increasing popularity among users who require more complex applications built upon cryptocurrency technology platforms like financial services company ant etc..